Wick Trimmer
Wick Trimmer
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Wick Trimmer

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The Perfect Candle Care Addition...

Our Lostwood Candles wick trimmer is a tool designed to help enhance the life and quality of your candle.

The special shape of the scissors is to allow easier access to trim the wick in the candle vessel. This is especially helpful when the wax gets quite low.

It has a small catch tray to collect the debris so it doesn't fall into the wax. 

By trimming your wick you are encouraging:

  • A clean burn
  • Ample fragrance diffusion, to enhance the scent diffusion while burning
  • Burn safely, a longer wick creates a higher flame which can be dangerous
How To Use:
  1. Trim the wick after every 4 hours of burning, when your candle is unlit and at room temperature.
  2. Line the blades up with the wick and trim leaving roughly 1/4" of the wick.

To clean, simply run warm water over your tools and dry them

For more information, check out our Candle Care Guide